# 13 – Why online personal training and fitness books?

Hi I’m Jim from Audiofittest.com. Jimshealthandmuscle.com and now Yourfitnesssuccess.com… Yep, I changed the domain of the new upcoming site as the dynamic has changed while I’ve been planning the course. I am still working on this and there is a lot to do so when I have something half decent, I will share it with you guys that are interested on my list and social media channels.

Before we get stuck into the episode I just want to thank a few people for some recent reviews of the podcast channel. These reviews really help me out, not only because it gives me credibility but because they help me to improve too.

Thanks for the reviews!

So First – Thanks to LKL27 from the United States! This was kind of a request for more episodes and the podcast is still pretty new but my plan is to get out at least 1 episode every month and I hope to ramp this up soon, but I’m spending most of my time developing the Home work out for beginners video course (This is going to be hosted on the new website that I mentioned – YourFitnessSuccess.com) at the moment and this is really exciting for me because it something I’ve wanted to do for years!

There is so much work involved and it’s just me on it at the moment so it’s a huge time commitment. But when it’s finished, it will be the perfect course for anyone wanting to transform their body using a long term sustainable plan that involves not just physical workouts but mind-set techniques to build mental robustness, there will be a cooking and nutrition section and it will give all of the information needed, or all of the pieces of the puzzle needed to achieve real long term fitness success.

If you are interested in this, I will drop updates on the podcast from time to time but will also dish out updates through email to the list, I will also offer this at an extremely discounted price when it comes to you guys on the list on launch too, so look out for that.

Thanks also to Pez1977 from the UK for the podcast review and … mate! MASSIVE congratulations on losing 4 stone and starting to do trilithons! That is absolutely awesome. When I started out writing about fitness in 2013 this kind of success is what I wanted for everyone that read my stuff. But it has to be said that all I did was write what to do, YOU did all the work so should take the credit! But yeah, that is totally awesome, mega results and long may it continue! It would be great to hear how the progress is going!

Last but not least thanks to L_MC from the UK for the podcast review! I’m really glad you like the podcasts and thank you so much for pointing out the mistake I made in Episode 10. I said “Multiply” or “times” when I was supposed to say “divide” and this was a terrible mistake. BUT I have now edited this and it is now correct. I know it’s no excuse but I have always had issues with maths and often get thing back to front but I will never make this type of mistake again. So again, thanks so much for pointing that out.

And a big thanks to everyone who reviews my stuff, whether this is on the podcast platform that you are listening on now or for my books over on Amazon, I probably wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys and the visibility that these reviews are accountable for, so- virtual high five!

Back to the episode!

Anyway, back to the episode! In this one I wanted to share a bit about my journey and how I got here. I understand that fitness instructors doing podcasts, being on youtube, being all over your social media, popping up in annoying ads and pretty much all over the internet are ten a penny, and in this day and age there is a LOT of information out there and much of this information seems to be contradictory when it comes to the “best way to lose weight” or “The best weight loss diet” or the “best way to build muscle” etc. and it goes on, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about?

So I want to give you some advice that I know to be true from being in the fitness industry before we get started and if you have this outlook from the start, you will no doubt have a less confusing and more worthwhile fitness journey. You will also probably not hear many fitness professionals say this sort of stuff either, especially not the online guys, I certainly haven’t hear it.

And this advice is –

Once you have found an exercise, diet or workout plan that you want to try, stop looking, focus on that plan and give it a real chance!

Heres why-

One thing that I learned very early on in my fitness instructor career was that every fitness instructor/ personal trainer has been trained in a slightly different way, some have been trained with more of a focus on cardio and some with more of a focus on resistance. Some instructors have been trained with a focus on teaching classes rather than a one to one basis and some have started out their career being interested in sports specific training such as running, strength training or even classes such as spin classes.

Some instructors have found their way to the industry after having personal success with types of weight loss crash diets or are even affiliated with a “weight loss supplement or weight loss system company” Im sure you will be familiar with this too, but this is their idea for their clients.

The point here is that every fitness instructor/ personal trainer has their own story and has their own ideas on how to get their clients/ followers to hit a certain result and there are always disagreements between diet and training methods.

But im going to say that an undisputed constant amongst every personal trainer or fitness instructor that’s worth their salt is that whatever you do with your training or diet, to get any result, you need long term, consistent effort and results won’t come over night.

So my idea as a fitness instructor or guy on the internet who writes fitness books and creates online courses…. And of course, records himself talking about fitness stuff J  is to guide people on their fitness journey to focus on long-term progressive lifestyle change and give anyone who is willing to invest their time in my ideas the opportunity to hit their personal goals by developing mental robustness, self-educating in diet and training, planning for success and executing this plan so the results are long term, positive and life changing, not only from a physical perspective, but from a mental standpoint too.

Now this doesn’t sound half as sexy as –

“ I can make you beach body ready in just six easy weeks”


“Six pack in just 2 minutes a day!”


“With this easy diet I lost 10 stone 2 weeks!”

See, when I took my first steps into a gym with my shiny new qualification and started training people,  I “knew” with 100% certainty that I could make a life changing difference to every single person that came to me for help with weight loss, muscle building, toning or long distance running. I had a good background, was qualified and had been through all of these challenges myself so I had more experience in the fitness arena than most personal trainers did or do when they are just getting just into the business.

I was so enthusiastic and willing to over deliver every time I got a new client or before every circuit class I would run because these guys were here to change their life and I couldn’t wait to share in their happiness, because I knew what that feeling of achievement is like when you see your first fitness results, there really isn’t much of a better motivator than seeing that the work you have put in is starting to pay off. Get to this point and the rest is downhill! You are more than likely going to hit your goal and change your life completely, not just in body, but in mind.

One of the saddest realisations of my fitness career that really made me disillusioned with personal training and fitness instructing and actually made me want to look for another career was that not everyone is as enthusiastic as I was about earning real life changing fitness results, even if they said they wanted it and they were paying me and ! I was even charging more than double what other personal trainers in my area where charging.

It turned out that about one in ten of my clients actually did what I had advised. I even spoke to other personal trainers that had been doing this for years about this and the reaction was and still is –

“Well, this is my business and if my clients want to pay me for my time but don’t do what I say, that’s not my problem”

And I totally get this, and it’s absolutely the right attitude if you want to run a successful PT business… But that was just not and still isn’t good enough for me.

Sure it was great to see the 1 out of 10 clients get their results and share in this progress, but I couldn’t shake the frustration so I actually stopped doing personal training and just focused on someone that I knew would put in the work, follow the plans that I made with diet and exercise  and get the results… I just focused on my own training and to be honest it was a relief.

Moving from personal training

A few years passed and I worked in a totally different industry – I.T, believe it or not, but my passion for fitness and bodybuilding at the time had not gone away by any means. I would get new people ask me all the time about what I was doing, how I trained, why I was eating the food I was eating and I’d get work colleagues, friends and even random people in the gym ask me for fitness advice and more often than not I would feel myself giving out more information than they asked for and wanting to share all of my knowledge, mistakes Id made and advice on how they can hit their personal goal, training methods, kinesiology, fat burning ideas, diet, mind-set advice and all this stuff. But I’d always remember that feeling of disappointment, knowing that these guys are likely to be in the 9 out of 10, not that 1 super client and they probably weren’t half as interested or enthusiastic about actually earning results as I was.

I became very aware of this and after hearing myself a few times, chattering away to someone who was in danger of just walking off half way through our conversation, I ended up using one sentence answers or just making a joke out of the question.

Like someone at work once asked – “Dude, how do you get your shoulders in that shape?”

And instead of spouting off information about the training I was doing and the length of time I’d been training and how I started with a strength training programme, worked up to a pre exhaust programme and counted my calorie’s out etc, I just said –

“Well I work on the I.T help desk and I’m really bad at it so am shrugging my shoulders about 90% of the time”       

 Or if someone asked – “How do I lose this belly?” This is a really common question by the way,

All I would say is – “You gotta life weights, do cardio and eat right and it will go, simples!” and then try and steer the conversation somewhere else because I didn’t want to become that boring guy who is just a fitness obsessive.

Even though this was a good answer I could have given away so much more information.

Back into the fitness world!

In 2013 I decided that I really did hate working on an I.T helpdesk (And I’d been there for about 3 years at that point so my shoulders were massive by now) J and I hated it so much that I decided to give it up and try and make money somehow on the internet. I’d been reading about people who did this and had done a lot of research on how to work for yourself, I read stories of people breaking free of the 9 -5 and wanted a piece of that.

I knew a lot about fitness, weight loss and building muscle, I had a LOT of experience in earning fitness results, I knew how different people approached a fitness goal and I was enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experience so the first idea was to write a blog, get some affiliate products and sell them or use advertising on my wildly successful website…

So I quit my job with this plan, I had a bit of money saved up that would tide me over until I started making some online income. I knew this could take time so I didn’t spend a penny that I didn’t have to.

Why quitting my job and deciding to work for myself is related to fitness

Now, what has me quitting my job and wanting to make money from the internet got to do with a fitness podcast and why am I telling you this?

If you have listened to my other episodes, read or listened to any of my fitness books or guides, you will probably have heard or read this phrase – “If you can achieve a fitness goal, it will enrich your whole life”

And I can say with 100% certainty that if I had not gone from being a total running failure to someone who could run a mile and a half in 8 minutes and 22 seconds, If I had not been able to develop so significantly in my endurance in the army to earn a place in the airborne forces, If I had not endured a pre contest bodybuilding prep to earn a bodybuilding trophy, there is no way that I would have had the confidence, motivation or conviction to even attempt this.

And something else that helps me out on a personal level is that I have never thought of myself as someone who is naturally good at anything so if I can do this, anyone can do anything!

I knew what it took to get impressive fitness results; you may also have heard me say that –

“To get any kind of fitness result, you need to have a goal, have a plan and you need to stick to it with 100% dedication and you need to keep getting up when you fall or get knocked down”

Well, this is exactly the approach that I had, I treated my new life choice as a lofty fitness goal, I went at it with conviction, put in the hours and picked myself up when I got knocked down… And I am often still picking myself up because I haven’t hit my goal yet.

So I built a website after self-teaching through youtube, I started blogging and writing about fitness, and after a short time I stumbled upon the self-publishing world and from there wrote a bunch of guides relating to fitness training and mind-set. This also allows me to answer all of the fitness questions that I have ever been asked with all of the detail that is needed; it gives me chance to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who is looking for it.

And the whole self-publishing, formatting books, planning, writing content and such also adds credence to my thought of “If I can do this, anyone can do anything”. You see, I am no academic; I was even in the “special class” for English at school and if someone came into one of my classes back at school and announced that one day I would be a fitness author, there would have been more than a little bit of raucous laughter.

So Yes! Most of the credit for what I have done so far with jimshealthandmuscle.com, audiofittest.com and everything on Amazon and Audible has  to be attributed to the success that I have had with fitness and training.

My approach to personal training, fitness coaching

At the beginning of this episode I talked about finding a plan or something that you can follow and once you have found one that you like the sound of, you should stop looking and give it a chance.

I also mentioned that every fitness instructor, fitness blogger, youtuber, fitness authority has a slightly different idea about how to achieve results.

I am not one for crash, deprivation or supplement dependant diets, I don’t believe there are any quick fixes, I use training methods that promote muscle function and development, promote good posture and always look at the body as a whole, right from the beginning.

I believe that any fitness goal that’s worth having is worth having and progressing towards for life. After all, healthy living and development of the body and mind is an ongoing thing.

For example; a goal for a bride to lose a couple of stone for her wedding is a great goal, but if I were the trainer advising on this, I would educate on balanced, sustainable eating rather than a crash diet, and I know that a crash diet is a very common choice for this kind of situation. This “Quick”, seemingly easy fix is not sustainable. Once goal or time frame had been reached, it would probably all be over and back to the way things where, not to mention a negative shock to the body.

I would want to plan for the long-term. What about after the wedding? If she achieved this goal by doing it my way, she will have established some great habits, and it would be a seamless transition to carry on after the big day, she will have built mental robustness and that should not be wasted, it should be developed further!

So all of my guides are based around long term progressive training that you can use for a lifetime, I love to hear from readers and am happy to answer questions, I focus a lot on the mind-set side of things because this is a big deal and I know it makes all of the difference!

So that’s a bit of background as to how I came to be a fitness author, how I am speaking to you now and what I am about when it comes to fitness coaching, I hope it has been interesting, I hope that you can get with my whole philosophy and at the very least, if you are wondering how on earth are you going to hit your fitness goal, you now believe that if this guy can do it, why can’t you?

Before I wrap this episode up, I just want to thank the guys that reviewed this podcast again for the feedback, it’s great to hear of your success and comments also help me improve but it would be great to see more reviews so if you are finding these podcasts useful, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for listening guys!

All the best


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