#04 – How to start a diet and exercise routine?

Why is routine so important when you want fat loss or any fitness result? You need routine, if you just do things here and there, it can’t be measured and it’s easy to skip out on doing the good things. Here’s an example – If you plan to go to the gym when you feel like it or have a spare hour or two, can’t sleep one night and decide to go to a 24 hour gym – great! You have done a gym session, but when will this happen again?

Or you have a day off work or it’s a national holiday so you get a Monday off and you go to the gym, great! You have done a gym session, but when’s the next bank holiday? A few months? One gym session or one healthy meal won’t make any difference in the long run, and while we’re here, you can flip that around too – If you have a bad day once in a while, and miss a training session or find yourself eating bad food where you shouldn’t be, you can be safe in the knowledge that this one mistake won’t have that much of a difference as long as the other 80 / 90% of the time, you are doing the good stuff.

It’s important to know that it’s not the one training session that makes the difference to weight loss but the regular, sustained,effort that’s compounded over time that counts. So if you make a routine of training, eating healthy, you know it will happen, you can fit it in around your life, this is why routine is so very important when it comes to earning any type of fitness result. With that in mind, how do you get started? Well I want to look at 2 areas – Diet and training; these are the areas that it boils down to – good routine with training and good routine with diet.

Let’s start with training – You shouldn’t start with the approach of looking at it as being something that you don’t have time for, you should take the approach of looking at how and where you can fit it in. Yes, peoples lives are busy these days so a positive mind-set is needed here, don’t look at it as being a pain, just look at it as something you have to deal with – Believe me, I know how hard it is to get started but I also know that it does get much easier once you are in the routine, so you may have to trust me here.

So how do we get into routine with diet? First off I would like to make it clear that when I use the term “Diet” in this episode I don’t mean a weight loss diet quick fix, a diet where you cut out carbs or any other nutrition, when I say diet, I mean a balanced diet that you can use for the long term to accomplish your fitness goal.

So where do you start? I would say that you learn to cook healthy nutritious food. If you know 5 – 7 recipes that are nutritionally balanced and wholesome, you can start to get these into your life as part of your eating routine.

A good way to get started is to have a set recipe for each evening meal, and you can even drip feed these in over the course of several weeks if the transition is too much change for the first week, remember it’s all about long term fitness so you can add a healthy meal every week if you prefer. Breakfast is one of those meals that you can manage with the same set meal every day so this is an easy one to start with. Find yourself a good healthy breakfast idea and plan to have it every day. This means that you will have a great start every day too!

As with the exercise, I won’t go into recipes as I have covered this in other places but I would say that I do have a free recipe PDF that I created if you would like some tasty ideas. These recipes are all mega healthy and lend themselves to weight loss goals, so if you’re interested, you can go to jimshealthandmuscle.com home page, scroll to the bottom and there is a “sign up now button, to grab the PDF. Let me know how you get on with the cooking if you do, these recipes were all created by me in my kitchen, so it’d be good to hear what you think.

Anyway, that’s a quick start guide on routine, how important it is and how to get stuck in with exercise and diet. It’s a really important concept to get with so the sooner that you embrace it, the better. Yes is might be uncomfortable at the beginning but this is only temporary, it gets a lot easier, the further you get into it.

Anyway, if you have found this info useful, it would be great to hear from you! I’m a self-published guy so any feedback is really valuable to me, public reviews of my books on Amazon, I’m always extremely grateful for, and also clicking thumbs up buttons and subscribing are also mega news for me 🙂

Thanks for listening! And I hope to chat to you again soon!

All the best


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